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The "extra pocket" is just that!


Made from durable natural veg tanned leather, hand stitched with a belt loop on the back to attach to your belt this handy little pouch is ideal to carry your phone and a few small items, or a hip flask or small binoculars.


Ideal gift for him or her.  Can be personalised, have fastneing changed or shoulder strap or d-rings added.


Comes in choice of leather and stitching colour.


This item is made to order.


Each item is handmade to order, no two items are ever the same, but I believe that’s the true beauty of handmade in a mass produced world.  


It’s impossible to list all the many colour, style, stitching, fastening, design options available for each item, so if you’ve seen something you like or something that you’d like changing, please do message me to ask if it’s possible.  


Most often the small changes are possible and at no extra cost, and make the item truly unique to you and truly special.


Items pictured are just a guide, please do message me with details of any features that you particularly like or would prefer to change.

The Extra Pocket

Leather colour
Stitching colour