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Due to the overwhelming number of requests for saddle fitting, dyeing, repairs and bespoke orders, theses services are currently unavailable, this will be reviewed regularly. (20/01/2024)
Thank you for your patience and understanding, and please do check back with us again soon.

Tack repairs, saddle fitting and re-flocking

Repairs to tack, saddlery, dog collars & leads, belts, bags, shoes and many other leather items is available.

Replacing buckles on bridles, reins, dog collars, belts, etc.

Replacing girth straps.

Restitching stirrup leathers.

Shortening/lengthening cheek pieces, reins, throat lashes, etc.

Replacement boot zips.

Patching saddles, chaps, boots, etc.


Leather Dyeing of quality veg tanned leather to create a specific colour or re-colouring and renovating leather.

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Saddle Company saddle fitting service.

Lisa can visit you and your horse where she can fit, re-template (adjust tree width), top-up & regulate flocking on site.  

Complete re-flocking and some repairs may require saddle to be taken to workshop.

Lisa is a registered BHSAI and takes a very keen interest in the bio-mechanics of both horse and rider.  Lisa's main goal is always to ensure the horse happy and comfortable with its work.

After an in depth discussion with the horse owner/rider Lisa will examine the horse's condition and movement, she will then preform a static saddle fitting.  

After the saddle is fitted, Lisa will then watch the horse being ridden and make any necessary adjustments to the saddle.  This process can take up to 2 hours.

Lisa will knowledgeably guide you through the purchase of a new Saddle Company saddle, or willingly help you adjust the fit of your existing saddle, or fit a used saddle new to you.

Your horse changes shape regularly. The frequency of these changes will relate to his age, training, management, etc. Try to develop an eye to recognize these changes.

Viewed on a daily basis, the changes may seem inconsequential but over a period of just a week or so they can be surprisingly substantial.

Saddle fitting service fee £58 within Mainland Shetland, Yell and Unst,  Please contact me for other areas. 


Additional fees for re-flocking, flocking and repairs.

Please contact Lisa to discuss you saddle fit needs and any fees that may be involved.


Have your saddle checked - and any necessary adjustments made - regularly. 

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