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My mission is to create an item that you love and will use for many years to come.  I'm always happy to chat about the many options in leather, thread colour, dye colour, buckle styles, fitting finishes, etc., that are available.  

It's truly impossible to list all the many variants here on the website, so if you have an idea for a unique piece or would simply like a different style of buckle please do get in touch to discuss the options, often simple changes and be made at no extra cost.


Natural Vegetable Tanned Leather

Natural Vegetable tanning uses natural materials like tree bark used in the tanning process, making it more Eco Friendly than commonly used Chrome tanned leather.



Handmade using traditional tools & techniques.  Most process are carried out without the use of any electrical equipment.  Leather and most other materials are carefully sourced from within the UK

hand stitching leather double saddle stitch

Hand Stitched

Hand stitched using traditional saddle stitch.  Saddle stitch is stronger and more durable than machine stitching.


Quality Assessed *****


Shetland Arts and Crafts aim to encourage the highest standards of design, workmanship, packaging and production.

Full members of the Association must demonstrate an original approach to the styling of their craft, a thorough understanding and mastery of the materials they are using, consideration to the presentation of the product to enhance and protect it, and must maintain consistency of quality throughout.

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Support the Scottish islands by shopping from the comfort of your sofa!

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Craft Trail Member

A map of Shetland's creative landscape can lead you on a journey throughout Shetland, to craft workshops and open studios throughout the islands.  Every year a Craft Trial booklet is produced and is available throughout Shetland from outlets such as the tourist office.

Visitors are very welcome at the workshop here in Fetlar, one of Shetland's north isles. Visitors will be able to see first hand items being made using traditional tools and methods, and be able to browse items for sale.

Visitors are always welcome to the workshop at anytime, but due covid restrictions and our crofting lifestyle it is best to book a time slot to avoid disappointment.  

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